Space City Charities Scholarships


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Space City Charities gave away its first scholarship in 2011, and since then has given away over $172,350 to students eager to further their education. We seek to provide financial assistance to students, encourage academic excellence, and to recognize achievements both in and out of school. Each year the charities staff works hard to fundraise and increase awareness of both scholarship availability and charity activities. It is only through these activities that we are able to continue to give back to students seeking to further their education. Each year we give away several types of scholarships.

The description of the scholarships can be found below.
All of the Space City Charities scholarships aim to empower students who are doing positive things
in their school, with community efforts, and with their current (or future) careers.
Both undergraduate and graduate students may apply.


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Verna Wolf Scholarship    |    B.C. Buddy Holcombe Scholarship   |    Space City Charities Scholarship


                                                                                       Total Scholarships Awarded

                                                                          2011 – 4 Scholarships Totaling          $    5,000

                                                                          2012 – 8 Scholarships Totaling          $    8,000

                                                                          2013 – 9 Scholarships Totaling          $  20,100

                                                                          2014 – 2 Scholarships Totaling          $    2,500

                                                                          2015 – 15 Scholarships Totaling        $  29,250

                                                                          2016 – 8 Scholarships Totaling          $  20,000

                                                                          2017 – 8 Scholarships Totaling          $  20,000

                                                                          2018 – 15 Scholarships Totaling        $  37,500  Click here to meet the 2018 Recipients

                                                                          2019 – 12 Scholarships Totaling        $  32,000  Click here to meet the 2019 Recipients


                                                                          Total Scholarships Awarded              $172,350